Podiatry Billing

Podiatry Billing

Go-Tech has a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in Podiatry Billing. Our billing team understands how to navigate through the complexities in this field, whether billing for a routine office visit and procedure or a complicated foot surgery.

We offer solutions to simplify billing for small and mid sized providers, helping them to get paid faster with fewer denials and maximum possible reimbursements for widely used procedures listed below but limited to the following-

* Routine foot care

* Avulsion or excision of toenail plate

* Corn and callous removal

* Closed treatment of fracture great toe

* Debridement services

* Excision or curettage of bone cyst

* Fungal cultures of toenail clippings

* Incision and drainage of abscess

* Onychia and Paronychia of toe

* Radiological examination of the foot

* Treatment of keratosis lesions

* Treatment of warts by electrosurgery

We believe that every practice is unique in its billing needs. So, in addition to being a total end to end billing services partner we can also work as an extension of our clients' in-house staff, where needed, on helping with 'process-to-process' basis.

Few Highlights of our Services:

  • Eligibility and benefit verification - gives details regarding patient’s insurance status,co-pays, deductibles etc. even before the patient gets seen in the office.·
  • Charge entry and claims submission
  • Accounts receivable F/U
  • Payment posting
  • Pre-certification and prior approvals of medical services
  • Re-validations and credentialing
  • Fee schedule posting
  • Rate re-negotiations with insurances
  • Cloud based Practice management system at no additional cost.
  • Customized management reporting to provide accurate picture of the financial health
  • Well trained, professional staff & local trusted support- just a phone call away
  • Office,Hospital, Surgery Center & Nursing Home billing
  • Flexibility to outsource complete billing or only some processes that might be time consuming and inefficient for in-house billing staff