Dental Billing

Dental Billing, Our Core Competency

Dental professionals all across America face similar challenges. With decreasing reimbursements and increasing denial rates dental caregivers are seeing a serious impact on their bottom line. In addition as insurance carrier and HIPAA requirements change, dentists are dedicating more of their time and resources to administrative tasks and red tape.

To meet these challenges you need a partner like Go-Tech who has expertise in understanding and handling the complexities of dental healthcare management. Go-Tech provides efficient and hassle-free dental billing services to dentists and dental facilities across the country. Our specialized dental billing service is focused on helping dentists not only get paid more, but also get paid faster.

You will see an improvement in day to day collections and cash flow, while gaining increased insight into practice performance. And what will the end result be? Increased profitability and more time to concentrate on superior patient care.

Dental Billing Specialty Services

  • Endodontics
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Prosthodontics

Dental Billing Services Include

Eligibility Verification

A simple error in eligibility verification can prove to be quite adverse. An error could be marking a termed patient as effective (overlooking). At Go-Tech we cross check on websites, have a QA double check on termed patients, record all calls, and if need be, we call again. A large number of claims are denied or held up due to lack of adequate or incorrect coverage information given by patients during hospital visits and proper coverage information not updated by the hospital staff. This improper insurance eligibility verification directly impacts reimbursements. Insurance companies regularly make policy changes and updates in their health plans. Hence it is necessary for the medical billing company or provider to verify if the patient is covered under the new plan to avoid problems with reimbursement. Checking that the insurance coverage accepts the claim on the first submission, whereas non-verification leads to many annoyances like rework, increased errors, and patient dissatisfaction, other than causing delays and denials.

Benefit Verification

A common error done during benefit verification is entering inaccurate frequency of a particular procedure and/or inaccurate coverage percentage of different procedures. This can be due to typo or the representative itself giving wrong information. Again here too we make it a point to double check on websites, record calls, if need be call again. We also request fax copies from the insurance to rectify any possibility of blunder.Being able to verify a patient's eligibility and benefits information in a timely manner is mandatory. Doing this on a continuous basis needs an efficient and cost effective solution which Go-Tech equips you with. Go-Tech's insurance eligibility and benefits verification service obtains all the necessary information required including what kind of coverage the patient has, what is the deductible, and how much deductible has been applied.The correct and appropriate information creates further revenue and reduces administrative costs thus increasing office efficiency and staff production by wiping out hours on the phone or using numerous websites to obtain eligibility information.

Account Receivable

Case scenarios could be the clinic or hospital files the claim but the insurance company does not receive it on time, sometimes an agent misses to call on an ageing report, or a doctor gives a service which is not covered according to the insurance. To avoid such errors we relentlessly follow up on insurance ageing and try to make payments for all the claims in a timely manner. We give concise solutions to the clinic/doctor to rectify the mistake and re-file the claim along with the required documents. We also check for payment with the secondary insurance if a certain procedure is not being compensated by the primary one. If any claim is submitted inaccurately then the job of the AR team is to correct it and submit the claim once again. The AR team constantly keeps in touch with the insurance company and the medical office. The AR team consists of follow-up and analytics staff who possess qualities of attention to detail, diligence, and analytical skills which prove to make them a crucial part of the organization.

Payment Posting

Inaccurate postings can result in serious dips in finances for your practice. Mistakes can easily occur with a simple slip of a finger. Inaccurate postings may result in false credits, deflated accounts receivable, and incorrect patient statement. Go-Tech offers accurate and quick payment posting through attention to detail. For example giving extra attention to whether the payment amount entered matches the money received or does the reaming balance match the amount designated as patient responsibility and much more. Payment posting involves posting and reconciling posting activities with deposits. Although it seems simple enough, this is an extremely vital feature of the revenue cycle. The payment posting process effects many other functions of the medical office and can have a major effect on patient satisfaction, efficiency, and overall financial performance. Accurate payment posting helps to speedup denial resolution time, helps send accurate claims submission to secondary and tertiary payers, and enhances the current process.

Software Proficiency

Unlike the typical dental billing outsourcing model, Go-Tech fully utilizes the client's existing infrastructure and IT investments, including the dentist's own EHR and billing platform. We work on your billing software so you don't need a billing software migration or platform switch to an outside system. We simply fill in the technology gaps to enhance security, improve efficiency or boost productivity. This straight forward resource planning and utilization ensures there is never a costly IT investment or duplication of existing resources. We take pride in declaring our expertise to work with most of the leading PMS and billing softwares. Following is a list of billing softwares our team is adept with:

  • Dentrix
  • Denticon
  • Dolphin
  • Eaglesoft
  • DentiMax
  • Planet DDS
  • SmileLink
  • Cloud 9
  • OrthoTrac
  • EasyDent
  • TOPS
  • Ortho Edge

Dental Billing Service Benefits

  • Overall Process Efficiency

    Generate cleaner, faster claims with extensive healthcare business process knowledge, multiple layers of quality control and compliance checks, and quick turnaround in upstream billing processes such as coding and charge entries.

  • Accelerated Cash

    Your claims are processed and submitted within two business days. Our diligent follow-up with insurance companies ensures quicker revenue for your practice.

  • Increase Your Patient Base

    You have more time to give quality care to your patients and build your practice.

  • Reduce Rejected Claims

    Our stringent quality checks ensure an accuracy level of over 98% in processing the claims.

  • Save Resources

    We take care of all issues related to dental billing and free your staff to concentrate on other tasks.

  • Knowledge Retention

    The business and process knowledge of your practice remains with us even if your staff leaves the practice. With the claims being processed on time, your cash flow remains unaffected.

  • Software Technology

    The dental billing team consists of qualified and certified professionals who are abreast with the latest software technology and are adept with many different dental softwares. This helps to provide customized dental billing services to meet individual practice requirements, which make it immensely beneficial to the dental practitioner.

  • CDT Procedure Codes

    The dental billing team keeps track and is updated of all new CDT codes and regulatory changes. CDT 2016 is the most up-to-date coding resource, and the only HIPAA recognized code set for dentistry. This helps to achieve uniformity, consistency and specificity in accurately documenting dental treatment.