Go-Tech is one of the leading providers of complete Medical Billing Solutions. With years of experience and expertise we have developed efficient and cost-effective solutions for Medical and Dental practices. With over 20 years of experience, we currently serve a client base spread across multiple specialties including but not limited to Internal Medicine, Podiatry, Neurology, Radiology, Cardiology, Hospital billing..... Under secured and HIPAA compliant environment.

With the strategic advantage of our domain expertise and our cost effective methodology we have been very successful in helping our dentists meet their needs. Our service is based on high end professionalism, process excellence, state-of-art infrastructure, and commitment to our work and clients. This efficacious combination makes us the most sought out organization for fulfilling all outsourcing needs.

Go-Tech is a totally customer need and quality driven company that not only meets but often exceeds client requirement, while at the same time preserving safety and security of data. We have over 15 years of experience in revenue cycle management and are dedicated to provide high quality claims processing and management and follow-up billing services. We have superior resources and proficiency in the area of dental billing. Our dental billing team is adept with most of the dental billing software.

Core Values

  • 1. Value-driven hassle-free solutions
  • 2. Recognized for excellent quality
  • 3. Focus on customer needs
  • 4. Promptness and flexibility
  • 5. Well experienced industry employees
  • 6. Integrity, transparency and accountability.

What Can Go-Tech Do For You?

Cash flow increase/Get Paid Faster

Medical/dental insurance companies do not pay promptly. Our expert medical billing process from data entry to claims submission ensures accuracy and thus quick insurance payment.

Reduce Payer Denials

Our billing process system includes aggressive, effective denied claims appeal. We use our vast experience in the medical billing industry to implement strategies that reduce denials.

Eliminate Expenses and Hassles

Easily eliminate unnecessary overhead expenses like medical biller’s salary, medical biller’s benefits including, office purchase and renewal, computer hardware and maintenance, travelling costs, etc.

Measurable tangible results

You will see results every month. You will get a clear view of your practice’s billing and collections. And if you have any questions, managers are always available to discuss with you the reports and progress.


At Go-Tech our mission is to provide our dentists cost effective solutions with the finest insurance verification and claim status updating services available. We seek to obtain for our offices the full and fair financial reimbursement, to which they are legally entitled, for services provided to patients. While we take care of all dental billing requirements this allows our dentists to concentrate fully on quality of patient care, which will ultimately increase patient flow and practice revenues.

Reliable Resources

Our team maintains the topmost industry standards in the technical and operational front. We have successfully transitioned a large number of projects fulfilling and also sometimes exceeding client expectations. Our strength is our in-depth knowledge and know-how of the healthcare and IT industry
We are reputed for giving maximum output at the lowest possible costs. We have around the clock 24 x 7 operations with both real-time and off-line functioning. All of our production centers are HIPAA compliant.


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